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We provide the following services for small to medium sized businesses:

  • Bookkeeping
  We use ‘Quickbooks’, your preferred accounting software or Microsoft Excel. We work closely with your company on site at your location or                off-site.  

  • Payroll
             We provide full services including direct deposit or checks,  Pay Federal and most State tax payments, filings and employees are able to                   view and print pay stubs on-line.
             We provide detailed reports showing employee’s earnings, paid taxes, additions/deductions (401(K)), insurance and company paid taxes                and contributions.

  • State sales tax audits
             We will attend to your sales tax audit on site at your location or off-site.  

  • Computer hardware and software
             We will purchase and install your computer hardware and software together with initial training based on your specific needs.

  • Special projects
             As required

  • Tax preparation
             Annual tax preparation

We understand the needs of small to medium sized businesses and are always available to explain our work and how it affects your business. We are created to serve your business needs

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